CD List

Artist CD Year Label
Tim Langedijk Up North 2017 Tim Langedijk
Toots Thielemans The Nearness of You 2017 Universal Music
Ivan Paduart Enivrance 2015 Mons Records
Philip Catherine The String Project 2015 Act Records
Rob van Bavel Christmas Three 2015
Focus 2 Camebridge Junction Live 2014 2014 Blue Cafe
Greg Houben Bees and Bumblebees 2014 Igloo Records
Kenny Werner Collaboration 2014 Challenge Jazz
Sofie Ella to Bacharach 2014 Hans Kusters Music
Tim Langedijk Acenja 2014 Tim Langedijk
Cor Bakker Elletra Due 2013 Cor Bakker Music
Ivan Paduart Ibiza 2013 Mons Records
Sal La Rocca It Could Be The End 2013 Igloo Records
Tim Langedijk Standards 2013 Tim Langedijk
Jacques Schwarz-Bart The Art of Dreaming 2012 Na<ve
Karin Ottelohe Nothing Really Ends 2012 September records
Tim Langedijk November 2012 Tim Langedijk
Toots Thielemans Live At The Chapiteau : Liege 2012 Challenge Jazz
Toots Thielemans Toots 90 2012 Challenge Jazz
Bob and Soul Sextet Hydrogen Bomb 2011 Orfena Music
Ivan Paduart Herritage 2011 September records
Kino Haitsma My Touch 2011 Kino Haitsma
Cor Bakker Elettra 2010 Cor Bakker Music
Jan Menu Dutch Songbook 2010 Dig Dizz Music
Karel Boehlee Secret Life 2010 Pony Canyon
Maria Stepiny The Place We’re Longing For 2010 Maria Stepina
Monalisa Overdrive Elevator Fitness 2010 Mainland Records
Toots Thielemans European Quartet Live 2010 Challenge Jazz
Bert van den Brink Reflections 2009 Challenge Jazz
Ed Verhoeff Slow Food 2009
Gino Vannelli A Good Thing 2009 CMM
Karel Boehlee Best Master Qualities 2009 Pony Canyon
Olivier Hutman Suite Mangrove 2009 Nocturne
Karel Boehlee Love Dance 2008 Pony Canyon
Nathalie Lorier Tombouctou 2008 De Werf
Philip Catherine Blue Prince/Meeting Colors 2008 Dreyfus Jazz
Harmen Fraanje Gezz 2007 A-Records
Karel Boehlee At The Beauforthuis 2007 Challenge Jazz
Karel Boehlee Midnight Blue 2007 Pony Canyon
Cyrille Carreon Jingle Bell’s – A Carreon X-Mas 2006 Mainland Records
Dee Daniels Live at The Biblo 2006 Challenge Jazz
Hein van de Geyn The Guitar Album 2006 Challenge Jazz
Ivan Paduart Selections 2006 Jazz ‘N Pulz
Karel Boehlee Last Tango in Paris 2006 Pony Canyon
Lee Konitz Dialogues 2006 Challenge Jazz
Paul Berner Running Outside 2006
Stefan Lievestro Breakfast In Walhalla 2006 Mainland Records
Allard Buwalda The Right Track 2005 Allard
David Linx Up Close 2005 Label Blue
Ed Verhoeff Matador ||| 2005
Karel Boehlee Blue Prelude 2005 Pony Canyon
Wim Bronnenberg Connected 2005 Innertime
Bert van den brink Between Us (Live at the Bimhuis) 2004 Challenge Jazz
Karel Boehlee Silent Nocturn 2004 Pony Canyon
Karel Boehlee Dear Old Stockholm 2004 Pony Canyon
Nancy Morano You’re Nearer 2004 Munich
Dick de Graaf Schubert Impressions 2003 Divox
Karel Boehlee Romeo & Juliet 2003 Pony Canyon
Izaline Callister Mariposa 2002 Easy C Productions
Bobby Watson In The Groove 2001 Challenge Jazz
Ivan Paduart Trio Live 2001 Omnivore/Virgin
Enrico Pieranunzi Improvised Forms 2000 Challenge Jazz
Enrico Pieranunzi Plays the Music of Wahne Shorter 2000 Challenge Jazz
Hein van de Geyn Deja Vu 2000 Challenge Jazz
Ivan Paduart True Stories 2000 Igloo Records
Philip Catherine Blue Prince 2000 Dreyfus Jazz
Bert van den brink Conversations 1999 Challenge Jazz
Enrico Pieranunzi Don’t Forget The Poet 1999 Challenge Jazz
Eric van Der Westen Naaia..And More Songs .. 1999 EWM
Mike Del Ferro Make Someone Happy 1999 Del Ferro Music
Nathalie Lorier Silent Spring 1999 Pygmalion Records
Dick de Graaf The Burning of the Midnight Lamp 1998 Via Records
Ernst Vranckx A Child’d Blessing 1998 De Werf
Ivan Paduart Belgian Suites 1998 A-Records
Maak’s spirit Live 1998 J.A.S.
Michel Herr A Tribute To Belgian Jazz 1998 September records
Ivan Paduart Clair Obscure 1997 A-Records
Jan Verwey The Miles Davis Project 1997 Willibrord Jazz
Philip Catherine Philip Catherine “Live” 1997 Dreyfus Jazz
Yvonne Walter Thrills 1997 Mons Records
Del Ferro/ Vaganee Live 1996 Challenge Jazz
Diederik Wissels From This Day Forward 1996 Igloo Records
Ivan Paduart White Nights 1996 A-Records
David Linx Standards 1995 No Label
Dick de Graaf Butterfly Blues 1995 st. Blues en Jazz
Nathalie Lorier Walking Through Walls 1995 Igloo Records
Diederik Wissels Hillock Songstress 1994 Igloo Records
Ronald Douglas Pieces of Dreams 1994 Hillstreet Jazz
Spike Robinson Spike and Strings 1994 September records
Paul Hock Par Hazard 1993 Groove Boutique
Mark Murphy Another Vision 1992 September records
Rob van Bavel Daydreams 1992 Dureco
Ingrid Vliegent hart Love You Madly 1991 Boudisque
David Linx Where Rivers Join 1990 September records
Peter Guidi Beautiful Friendship 1990 Timeless Video
Rob van Bavel Rob van bavel trio 1989 Studio 88
Rob van Bavel octet Endless 1989 Mirasound
Rob van Bavel Just For You 1988 Circle Productions
Sofie When Morning Comes 1988 Hans Kusters Music
Bouong Lee
Frank Vaganee
Jack van Poll
Rob van Bavel Anniversary
Vaya Con Dios