Tim Langedijk Trio – ACENJA

Tim Langedijk, guitar
Udo Pannekeet, bass
Hans van Oosterhout, drums
Release: 2014
Produced by Tim Langedijk & Udo Pannekeet
Recorded at Studio 47, Enkhuizen, The Netherlands
Mixed & Mastered by Tim Langedijk & Udo Pannekeet
Design by Grafisch Centrum Eelan
Coverphoto by René Dissel


Guitarist Tim Langedijk likes beautiful melodic lines and subtle harmonies and he’s also in search for intriguing soundscapes. The result is a kind of quiet country-rock-jazz, played nicely by himself, drummer Hans van Oosterhout and bassist Udo Pannekeet.
Langedijk (1984) graduated cum laude at the Rotterdam Conservatory. He started his trio in 2006. Besides his trio he does studiowork and arranging. With different groups he toured throughout Europe.
Contemporary jazz that branches out into fusion and country, it’s all possible with Langedijk, yet always with a lovely tone and refined movements. He played with Jasper van ’t Hof, Adam Nussbaum, Tommy Smith. Currently he’s teaching at the Haarlem Conservatory.
Vera Vingerhoeds